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We Help 9/11 Survivors and Responders Obtain the World Trade Center Health Program Benefits They Deserve 

Hansen & Rosasco - 9/11 Cancer ClaimIf you lived, worked, volunteered, or attended school in Lower Manhattan during the ten months that followed 9/11, you may qualify for free medical monitoring and treatment (including prescription coverage) for your illness through a federal program known as the World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP).

The Zadroga Act passed in 2010 established the WTCHP, providing free medical monitoring and treatment for 9/11-related illnesses and over 68 different types of  cancers, including skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and dozens of others. Members in this Program could receive care for their approved illnesses at seven Clinical Centers of Excellence (CCEs) in the NY/NJ metropolitan area, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as well as thousands of medical providers across the country in any of the National Provider Network (NPN) of clinics.

Submitting your WTCHP application is the first step in getting a lifetime of free medical care for your illness. It is also a necessary step before applying for the Victim Compensation Fund.

Obtaining these benefits is not easy. In fact, legal paperwork, federal regulations, and 9/11 laws can make the entire process complicated and taxing. It takes a considerable amount of time and energy to file for the benefits you deserve. This time is better spent on your health, following your treatments, and enjoying your family. That is why so many 9/11 victims turn to our WTCHP Lawyers at Hansen & Rosasco, LLP to help them apply for WTCHP membership. Hansen & Rosasco never charges a legal fee for work performed to get you approved for lifetime car with the WTCHP. 

Toxic Air Throughout New York After 9/11

Hansen & Rosasco - 9/11 Cancer ClaimOur lawyers work tirelessly for our 9/11 clients because we believe you deserve care. After the World Trade Center fell during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the people of New York banded together. They cleared away debris, attended to the injured, cleaned off the dust on shelves in stores and city streets, and tried to resume their normal lives. All the while, they breathed in toxic chemicals and dust that contained more than 2,500 contaminants. These contaminants were known carcinogens.

Yet, the EPA and city officials told residents, students, workers, and volunteers that they were not in danger. They told them that the air was safe to breathe and that the water was safe to drink. Unfortunately, they were wrong and thousands of people have since lost their lives because of this misinformation.

At Hansen & Rosasco, LLP, we provide legal guidance and compassionate support throughout the legal process. Our attorneys have helped 9/11 victims since 2001 and we have never looked back. We know the devastation that 9/11 caused and we continue to see the destruction. Over 100,000 people have registered with the WTCHP because they received a serious and/or life-threatening diagnoses, such as cancer or chronic disabling lung condition.

From breast cancer to COPD, those present near Ground Zero in the months following 9/11 are at an increased risk for suffering serious illnesses and medical conditions because of the toxic air.

Who Qualifies for the WTCHP?

Certain groups are eligible for enrollment in the WTCHP if they meet the requirements for activity, location, time period, and hours. Each group has different requirements and determining eligibility is complicated. At Hansen & Rosasco, we can evaluate your case to determine if you meet the necessary qualifications to receive free lifetime healthcare and monitoring.

If you are a part of these four groups, contact our law firm immediately.

Fire Department of New York (FDNY)

Rescue and recovery

  • Ground Zero
  • Staten Island Landfill
  • NYC Chief Medical Examiner’s Office

WTC General Responders

Worked, volunteered onsite in rescue, recovery, debris cleanup or support

  • Lower Manhattan south of Canal Street
  • Staten Island Landfill
  • Barge Loading Piers

Active or retired NYC Police Department or Port Authority Police

  • Lower Manhattan south of Canal Street
  • Ground Zero
  • Staten Island Landfill
  • Barge Loading Piers

An employee of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner of NYC or morgue worker

  • Location of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner of NYC
  • The morgue at Bellevue Hospital

Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation Tunnel Worker

Vehicle maintenance worker

WTC Survivors

  • Resident in the NYC disaster area
  • A student in the NYC disaster area
  • A worker in the NYC disaster area
  • Child in the NYC disaster area

Pentagon/Shanksville Responders

  • Active or retired fire or police department member
  • Worked for cleanup or recovery contractor
  • Volunteers at Pentagon site in Arlington
  • Volunteer at the crash site in Shanksville

Each of these groups must meet eligibility requirements, including the minimum hours or days present at the locations listed above. If you believe you may meet those requirements, or if you simply are not sure, call our office immediately. We can help you learn more about your case, eligibility, and the required supporting documentation needed to complete an application.

What Medical Conditions Qualify for the WTCHP?

There are hundreds of medical conditions that qualify for free lifetime healthcare and monitoring through the World Trade Center Health Program. In fact, there are over 70 qualifying cancers. From acute stress disorder and asthma to breast cancer and COPD, there is a good chance that your illness or medical conditions will qualify.

We compiled a complete list of the major cancers and medical conditions that qualify for WTCHP benefits. You can also come into our offices or set up a virtual appointment to meet with us to discuss your case specifically. Even if you already had a pre-existing illness that worsened or progressed because of 9/11, you can still qualify.

Our WTCHP Lawyers Can Help

From the start, our WTCHP lawyers strive to make the application and approval process as easy as we can for our clients. We know that you are likely stressed, and concerned about how long it may take to receive benefits. You may have recently received a poor diagnosis or are already facing rising medical costs. That is why we offer complete legal guidance and compassionate support from the start.

When starting your application, we must clearly establish:

  • You belong to one of the four main groups present in New York, Shanksville, or the Pentagon.
  • You were present in the Exposure Zone between September 11, 2001, and July 31, 2002. The Exposure Zone is any part of Lower Manhattan below Houston Street.
  • That you suffer from a qualifying 9/11 related illness, cancer, or chronic disabling breathing condition.

To do this, our lawyers will meet with you (in persona or virtually) to learn more about you and your situation. We may discuss your illness, where you were after 9/11, and the jobs or tasks you performed during that time. Once we know more about you and the issues you face, we can better help you through the process.

Our clients come to us because they have many questions and are unsure of what to do next. We can handle everything for you, including finding the necessary documentation to prove eligibility. All you need to do is undergo a physical examination with a WTC Health Program doctor (at no cost to you) and provide us with basic information and we handle the rest.

We will also guide you through the two separate programs that make-up the WTC Health Program: the responder program and the survivor program. Our attorneys will know which program fits your situation and then prepare the necessary forms and documentation to have your application processed quickly.

At Hansen & Rosasco, LLP, we want to take the stress off of you during this time. We know that your time is valuable. We want you to spend that time doing the things you love and taking care of yourself and your health. While you focus on that, we will focus on pushing your application through the WTCHP as quickly as possible, so you can begin receiving the benefits you deserve. Our law firm knows the quickest paths through the legal red tape and federal rules. We use this knowledge and experience to deliver fast results for our clients every time.

Free Lifetime Healthcare and Treatment

september 11 illnesses Hansen & Rosasco, LLPMany of our clients are surprised to learn that they qualify for free, lifetime, comprehensive treatment for their 9/11 approved illnesses and cancers. They may face life-threatening cancer with little to no medical insurance. Or they may realize how inadequate their current medical insurance truly is — the copays deductibles, and the other limits on health insurance. Without the WTCHP, many would find themselves forced into bankruptcy and foreclosure. That is why the 9/11 lawyers at Hansen & Rosasco fight so hard. We know that these benefits are invaluable to our clients. With free, world-class medical care and treatment, many of our clients have significantly improved outcomes and prognosis.

We can help you get this medical care and treatment, but we need to act quickly. The sooner we complete your application and provide the necessary evidence and documentation, the faster you can begin receiving the healthcare you need. The entire process from the date of application to the date you can begin receiving medical care is between three to six months. With the emergence of COVID-19, that process is delayed even more.

What Type of Care Can I Receive Through the WTCHP?

You already know that you receive a lifetime of treatment, healthcare, and monitoring through the WTCHP. But what type of care can you expect to receive? First, you should know that you always have the option of staying with your current doctor or team of physicians. However, you can receive care for your 9/11 related illness at any of their Clinical Centers of Excellence throughout New York and New Jersey.

You also get free prescription and drug benefits. Optum is the Pharmacy Benefit Manager for the program. Through Optum, you can visit more than 65,000 pharmacies across the country to access prescription benefits. For responders, the WTC Health Program is their primary payer for prescription drugs. Survivors, however, must first bill their prescriptions through their own insurance program before billing them to the WTC Health Program. These programs work together to coordinate benefits for you.

What if I don’t live in New York anymore? Many people who lived, volunteered, worked, and went to school in New York during 9/11 are no longer residents of New York or the metro area. Many have moved to other states for jobs, relationships, or family. Yet, their presence in the Exposure Zone increased their risk of suffering serious illnesses, cancers, and chronic lung disorders. Fortunately, they can apply for free, lifetime healthcare, and medical monitoring through the WTCHP as well.

They can also receive this treatment through the nationwide provider network. This network arranges for physicians, specialists, hospitals, and treatment centers in their own community. That way, no matter where you live across the United States, you can access this free benefit and get the medical care you deserve.

Our New York 9/11 Attorneys Can Help

Hansen & Rosasco - 9/11 Cancer ClaimAt Hansen & Rosasco, LLP, we know the steps to take to get you the free medical benefits and compensation you deserve for your 9/11-related illness, cancer, or life-threatening, chronic breathing condition. We will get your application approved quickly by efficiently gathering the evidence the WTC Health Program needs. Our attorneys know the pitfalls and obstacles in the way. We also know the best path to take to obtain successful results for our clients. This knowledge and experience help us get it right the first time so our clients get the benefits they deserve as quickly as possible.

To learn more and to see if you qualify, call our law firm at (855) 353-4907 or fill out our confidential contact form. We are here for 9/11 families and survivors. We want you to feel safe and supported no matter what life throws your way. Call us today!

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