VCF Compensation and Care for 9/11 EMT’s

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) were among a large group of first responders whose service saved lives – at the expense of their own health and safety. Our 9/11 lawyers at Hansen & Rosasco, LLP have met with and represented many EMTs – FDNY EMTs, private EMTs, and hospital-based EMTs – who responded to Ground Zero and the surrounding areas on and after September 11, 2001. The vision of this day and their stories have all pushed our firm to advocate strongly for the funding and expansion of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund. We represent each first responder and survivor with an unwavering determination to get them the compensation and care they need and deserve, which includes VCF cancer payouts, lost wages, and other economic awards.

Did you serve as an EMT on or after September 11, 2001?

If you were an EMT, or have a family member who was an EMT, and became ill as a result of service at Ground Zero, our 9/11 lawyers want to help you by filing your claim with the VCF and getting your 9/11 cancer or related condition registered with the WTC Health Program. You have given your time and service to our city and country. 

Our years of both filing WTC VCF claims and representing first responders and survivors gives us the experience to get you the VCF payout you deserve.

Why Choose Us

Our Top Priority: You

It is our top priority to give you the time and ability to care for yourself during your treatment and recovery time. We will handle the legal aspects of filing your claim and submitting your WTCHP application and VCF Claim. In short, we will deal with the federal government, so you won’t have to. To learn more about 9/11 cancer types that are “covered conditions,” VCF cancer payouts and other awards you are eligible for through the VCF, call our 9/11 lawyers at 855-982-4636 or fill out a contact form here

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