How Long Does a 9/11 Victim Claim Process Take?

Video Transcript 

Hello. I'm Daniel Hansen, one of the senior partners of Turley, Hansen & Rosasco. Given the unique nature of the Victim Compensation Fund, one question we often hear is how long does a claim process take? Every September 11th Victim Compensation Fund claim is different. The simpler and less involved cases can be resolved in as short as six months. More complicated cases involving extensive economic lawsuits can take as long as two, two and a half years. The reason that the more complex and larger claims take longer for the VCF to decide is simple. There's just more information to review and more economic calculations to be made.

It's important to know that Congress has told the Victim Compensation Fund that it must give priority to the claims of those who are the sickest. When you hire Turley, Hansen & Rosasco, all the work needed on your claim gets done right away. There is no waiting. The only waiting you'll see is waiting for the Victim Compensation Fund to send you a check. If you have any questions about how long your claim is taking, the status of your claim, call me anytime at 1-855-WTC-INFO.

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