Daniel J. Hansen’s Proudest Moment as a 9/11 Attorney

One experience that made me most proud to be a 9/11 attorney was helping the family of a construction worker obtain benefits. The worker had suffered from a number of different diseases: some very serious, some related to 9/11, some not related to 9/11. And the challenge was to obtain the maximum compensation for that individual and his family, and separate out his other very serious health conditions from his 9/11 conditions.

This required about a year and a half worth of work in order to convince the Victim Compensation Fund, not only to put aside his other serious illnesses, but recognize that his 9/11 illnesses were disabling to him and caused his family financial hardship. We did this by gathering all his records, meeting with the family repeatedly, constantly calling the Victim Compensation Fund, filing appeals, filing amendments. And eventually, after about a year and a half, two years after going through hearings and fighting for him tooth and nail, the family was given the award they deserved. And there was nothing nicer than when his wife called me crying telling us how we changed their lives.

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