9/11 Mesothelioma

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Malignant mesothelioma (me-zoe-thee-lee-O-muh) is unfortunately becoming more common among 9/11 first responders and rescue workers, construction workers on the “Ground Zero pile” and 9/11 cleaners of dust. a type of cancer that occurs in the thin layer of tissue that covers the majority of your internal organs (mesothelium). Turley Hansen has the experience to represent you in all your 9/11 related mesothelioma claims.

The main risk factor for mesothelioma is working with “asbestos”. Asbestos is a group of minerals with thin microscopic fibers. Because these fibers are resistant to heat, fire, and chemicals, asbestos had been used widely in the construction industry before being banned as a health hazard many years ago. Sadly, the Twin Towers (built in the 1970’s) and as a result, Ground Zero, were full of asbestos mixed with burning jet fuel. This is a deadly combination. If tiny asbestos fibers are released into the air they can be inhaled or swallowed, leading to serious health problems. Asbestos was perhaps the deadliest substance ingested and inhaled by 9/11 responders and other workers.

A “latency period” is the time between first exposure to a cancer-causing agent (such as Ground Zero dust and toxins) and the diagnosis of a 9/11 related cancer. The minimum “latency period” for 9/11 related mesothelioma under Victim Compensation Fund regulations is 11 years, but may be as long as 20 to 30 years. Mesothelioma treatments are available, but for many people with mesothelioma, a cure is not possible.

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