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Asbestos is a cancer-causing toxin that was used to fire-proof the World Trade Center Towers when they were built in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. It was later banned when the serious and sometimes deadly health dangers became known.

When the planes hit the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001 causing them to collapse, thousands of tons of asbestos mixed with jet fuel created a toxic bomb covering lower Manhattan. The fires at Ground Zero lasted for over three months putting a cloud of asbestos related fumes in the air. These fumes put everyone in lower Manhattan after 9/11 at risk for developing mesothelioma or lung cancer in the future.  First responders (such as firefighters and police), construction and debris removal workers, downtown office workers and lower Manhattan residents all are at risk for 9/11 asbestos exposure cancers.

Asbestos related cancers take many years to develop after first exposure. Now in 2019, 9/11 lawyers like Turley, Hansen & Rosasco, LLP are just starting to see the first Victim Compensation Fund claims for those with mesothelioma and lung cancer start to appear. Tragically, health experts predict the number of asbestos related 9/11 cancers will grow until peaking around 2040.

Turley, Hansen & Rosasco is currently representing the family of a young 9/11 mesothelioma victim who passed away in 2017.   The woman who died was an insurance executive who walked to work in the area of Ground Zero for many months after 9/11. Other than her 9/11 exposure, she had no other exposure or risk factors for mesothelioma. Despite obtaining the best, aggressive treatment at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, she eventually succumbed to her illness.  Her family is pursuing substantial pain and suffering and lost earnings benefits from the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

Turley Hansen & Rosasco, LLP has passionately represented many clients with 9/11-related mesothelioma and lung cancer related to 9/11 asbestos exposure. We are dedicated to getting victims and survivors the funds they need and deserve.

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