Remembering Those Lost or Still Suffering from the September 11th Attacks

Today, 18 years later, we remember every person whose life was impacted by the September 11th attacks. Mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, children and friends – whose lives were taken on this tragic day.

Each year, the 9/11 lawyers at Turley Hansen & Rosasco, LLP remember the great loss that so many families and friends have endured. We have met all too many people who to this day are suffering from the untimely loss of loved ones. We’ve heard their pain and frustration. We devote 100% of our firm to fight for these people and families as they struggle to get coverage for much needed medical care and the full compensation that is now their right under federal law.

Eighteen years later, we again thank and remember the more than 90,000 first responders – men and women who sacrificed their safety and long-term health when others were in danger and needed help. We’ve had the privilege of representing thousands of 9/11 first responders – firefighters, police officers, EMTs and many others – who rushed to the areas of the September 11th attacks.

The passing years have revealed the “second wave” of devastation to the health of our 9/11 first responders and the Downtown Manhattan residents, students, and workers. Every day, clients share with us the harsh news of a new cancer diagnosis or the passing of a family member.

There has been a huge recent increase in 9/11-related cancers cases, illnesses, and conditions caused by breathing the toxic dust that covered Ground Zero and floated throughout the New York City blocks of Downtown Manhattan. The sick and dying include people who were at or near Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, and then returned to work, school or to live Downtown during the many  months after the attacks – trying to get their lives “back to normal” after EPA head Christine Todd Whitman promised, falsely, that the air was safe to breathe and the water clean to drink. First responders, cleanup workers, Downtown Manhattan workers, residents, teachers, and students are being diagnosed with 9/11-related cancers and conditions at greater and greater numbers. This tragic “second wave” of illnesses is expected to continue for decades.

If your health has been impacted by the September 11th attacks, please be aware that the 9/11 lawyers at Turley Hansen & Rosasco, LLP have dedicated their careers to helping the entire 9/11 community. This includes representing and filing the claims of first responders and survivors as well as advocating for the continuation of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. Our lawyers have been with you since 2001. We saw Congress finally take action as sick first responders came forward to express the urgent need for support, and grieved the loss of each 9/11 community member, including Detective Luis Alvarez. We fight and advocate for clients and their families whose lives and health are still being impacted today.

This past summer, after years of supporting efforts in Congress, we watched as President Donald J. Trump signed the “Never Forget the Heroes: James Zadroga, Ray Pfeifer, and Luis Alvarez Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act” – finally guaranteeing benefits and compensation until 2092. We’re devoted, every single day, to get each person and their family the full compensation that is their legal right.

We’re devoted to helping every responder and survivor in any and every way that we can. This begins with getting all responders and survivors registered with the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund – now. You do not need to be sick to register with the 9/11 Fund.

Registering now helps protect your rights in the future (until 2092) should you become sick. We want to be able to give you the peace of mind of this protection. One five-minute phone call with our 9/11 lawyers can get you started today.

Learn more about the process and timeline for filing VCF claims here.

On the 18th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, we remember all of the lives that were lost, the men and women who helped to rescue others and rebuild our great city, and those who continue to fight for the rights of 9/11 first responders and survivors to this very day. Our thoughts are with those who were lost on September 11th and since then, and those thousands of survivors who still suffer from the aftermath of their exposure to the Ground Zero toxic dust. We’re here for you.

Contact Hansen & Rosasco, LLP to register and protect you and your family – today. Our 9/11 lawyers have been representing first responders and survivors since the September 11th attacks. We will continue to represent and fight for the compensation of every individual and family.

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