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Nearly 14 years later and the effects from the collapse of the World Trade Center are still strongly being felt, especially by the first responders who offered their services at Ground Zero. A recent article on NY1’s website reported on the success of treatments that responders with 9/11 related cancers are getting at the WTC Health Program.

According to the article,  Thomas Rachko, a former New York City police officer, is one of the thousands who have been greatly impacted by the devastation. His selflessness and his desire to help at a time of extreme need is what called him to sift through the rubble and debris at Ground Zero. Unfortunately, this caused his 20 year career with the NYPD to end.

What started out as a runny nose quickly turned into breathing problems and stomach issues. He was also experiencing pain in the left reno quadrant. After having several cat-scans and visiting a number of doctors, he was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer.  It was the doctors at the WTC Health Program that assured him that he would receive the care that he needed. Through minimally invasive robotic surgery, Rachko’s tumor was removed, as well as part of his left kidney. Thanks to the WTC Health Program and his surgeon, Ketan Badani, a new technique was used during his operation and prevented damage to the healthy parts of his kidney.

The WTC Health Program evaluated his condition via an imaging test, which confirmed a spot on his kidney. Fortunately, the cancer was found in its early stages, so his treatment was successful, and he has been cured of the illness. The cause of Rachko’s kidney cancer has been confirmed as directly related to the exposure of carcinogens that were at exceptionally high levels in the area of Ground Zero.

Thanks to the WTC Health Program, thousands of first responders, area workers and survivors have received the medical care they deserve.  WTC Health Program patients with 9/11 related cancers as well as others who struggle with pulmonary issues from exposure are recieving  care by doctors who are experts on World Trade Center diseases.  At present, there are more than 7,000 World Trade Center first responders and survivors who are eligible for free health care through the program.

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