The deadline to register your claim with the Victim Compensation Fund is two years from when the claimant knew or reasonably should have known that he or she suffered from a 9/11-related disease, condition, or cancer. For most individuals, the VCF calculates this deadline by considering the earliest date on which the particular disease or condition was “certified” World Trade Center Health Program, the New York Workers’ Compensation Board, or by employer/governmental entity such as the FDNY, NYPD, or NYCERS in connection with an award of a disability pension.

The registration deadlines by the VCF are strictly enforced. The Special Master does not have the authority to extend registration deadlines, for extreme hardship, lack of knowledge of the deadline, or for any other reason. The registration deadlines may appear straightforward, but can be tricky and, if in doubt, call an experienced 9/11 attorney at Turley Hansen for answers and guidance.