9/11 Attorney Troy Rosasco Discusses Zadroga Claims with LXBN TV

By Hansen & Rosasco

As we approach the 13th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, there is still a lingering effect on those who not only still suffer from the loss of loved ones, but also from the numerous illnesses caused by the exposure to toxins in the air which remained for quite some time after 9/11.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss 9/11 Zadroga claims with Colin O’Keefe of LXBN. In the interview, I explain how the attacks of 9/11 are still impacting recovery workers and their families, and what we’re doing in trying to help them.

Today, many 9/11 first responders, survivors and area workers have been suffering with breathing complications such as chronic sinusitis, COPD and other pulmonary diseases. Alarmingly, there has been an increasing number of 9/11 related cancers. They have been surfacing over the past few years in staggering numbers among those exposed. Since the ruling that was passed back in October of 2012 to include cancer as a 9/11 covered condition under the Zadroga Act, there are now 62 different types of cancers recognized as a 9/11 related.

There is a registration deadline for cancer claims approaching for the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and were in and around the “crash zone area” between the dates of September 11, 2001 and May 30, 2002, you may be entitled to compensation under the Zadroga Act. You must register by October 12, 2014 in order to protect yourself in filing a future 9/11 related cancer claim.


Should you have any questions about 9/11 cancers or need help filing your VCF claim, please feel free to call, click the chat button or contact us at the top of this page.

IMPORTANT – Do not register yourself if you have retained an attorney to assist you in the filing of your claim. Your attorney should have already registered your claim. Multiple registration numbers will delay the processing of your claim. Check with your attorney to verify your registration status.  If you are a current client of Turley Hansen & Partners, please rest assured that your claim has been timely registered.



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