Phil and Louis Alvarez

Turley Hansen & Rosasco, LLP’s Phil Alvarez featured on News 12 Long Island

By Hansen & Rosasco

Finally, the deadline has been extended to July 29, 2021, to make a claim for the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund (VCF). News 12 Long Island took the time to speak with Phil Alvarez, Turley Hansen & Rosasco, LLP’s Community Outreach and Education Director and brother to the late Lou Alvarez — the NYPD detective who inspired Congress to extend the VCF shortly before he died of 9/11-related cancer.

“This look-back period is a do-over. My brother wanted the first responders and the victims to be found. And this new policy by the Victim’s Compensation Fund allows us to just that.”

The attorneys and staff at Turley Hansen & Rosasco, LLP, welcome this VCF policy change that reopens the right to 9/11 victim compensation to the families of deceased first responders and Downtown NYC workers, residents, and students who died at any time since 2002. If you’re unsure if you or your family have the right to file a claim for a wrongful death award, please call one of our 9/11 attorneys or paralegals to find out. We’re always available for a free consultation at 1-855-WTC-INFO (1-800-887–7299). Or visit our website:

Read the full article on News 12 Long Island.

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