A cancer diagnosis can be devastating.  Whole families can find themselves facing an uncertain future with fear, anxiety and questions about what to do next. If you are one of the thousands of people who have developed cancer because of your presence at or around Ground Zero during or after 9/11, there are resources available to get you the 9/11 cancer treatment you need at little or no cost to you.

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer that you believe is related to 9/11 and you haven’t already enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP), you should do so immediately. Enrolling in the WTCHP is the first step towards receiving treatment for cancers covered by the Zadroga Act. You can apply by calling 1-888-982-4748 or we invite you to call the 9/11 cancer compensation attorneys at Turley Hansen to assist you.

9/11-Related Cancer Treatment Available at No Cost Through WTCHP

The WTC Health Program provides health screenings, medical monitoring and treatment for 9/11 emergency responders and others who have been diagnosed with a covered cancer under the WTCHP and have had their conditions certified as 9/11-related by a WTCHP physician. According to the WTCHP, more than 5,400 people who have been diagnosed with 9/11-related cancers had enrolled in the program through June 30, 2016.

Once certified, members of the WTCHP are eligible to receive a wide range of cancer treatments. These treatments are available at no cost for members so long as they:

  • Use healthcare providers approved by the WTC Health Program for eligible medical evaluation, monitoring, and treatment; and
  • Use pharmacies that participate in the WTC Health Program to fill any prescriptions you are given for a WTC-related health condition by an approved WTC Health Program healthcare provider.

The WTCHP will cover all medically necessary diagnostic evaluation and cancer treatment costs for certified conditions, including:

  • Inpatient hospitalization
  • Inpatient surgeries
  • Outpatient procedures
  • Chemotherapy
  • Prescription medications

Where to Get Treatment

In order for cancer treatment to be covered, all medical care and services must be provided by a healthcare provider affiliated with the WTC Health Program. If you are already receiving treatment from a physician not affiliated with the program, you can continue to see him or her, but the costs will not be reimbursed by the WTCHP.

For those in the New York metropolitan with 9/11-related cancer, you can get treatment and care at one of seven Clinical Centers of Excellence, many of which have clinics at multiple locations throughout New York and New Jersey. For those outside of New York, treatment is available through the WTCHP’s Nationwide Provider Network. You call 1-888-982-4748 to find a provider near you.

Since the passage of the original Zadroga Act in 2010, Turley, Hansen & Rosasco has recovered over $100 million in 9/11 victim compensation for over 1600 clients, including hundreds of cancer patients and their families. We are the only law firm in the country that focuses exclusively on representing victims and first responders for their 9/11 related cancers, illnesses and injuries. Please call us at 1-855-WTC-INFO (982-4636) or fill out our contact form to schedule a free claim review today.