Pope Francis 9-11 Memorial Prayer Service.jpg

Pope Francis will conduct an multi-faith prayer meeting at the 9/11 Memorial site in lower Manhattan tomorrow at 11:30 am. As he has done throughout his whirlwind trip to the Americas, he will bring healing and love to all who are still suffering the wounds of 9/11.

The Pope will also meet the families of victims and responders on the plaza and then pause himself to reflect.

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, chaplain to the FDNY, said there is no more appropriate place for the Pope to visit and for clergy of different faiths to come together as one.

“Obviously those who sought to destroy us on 9/11 didn’t want us to practice our respective traditions, they wanted us not to be together, so we answer that horror by saying we are going to be one family,” said Potasnik, who will attend the meeting. “I think us being together with him offering a special blessing and a message will be a resounding response to what occurred on 9/11.”

“So here he [the Pope] comes now to Ground Zero and I’m sure he will once again strongly, strongly condemn those who somehow feel it is their mission, it is somehow part of their perverse ideology to destroy us.” 

As the Pope stated in Washington DC today:

“We know that Jesus wanted to show solidarity with every person. He wanted everyone to experience his companionship, his help and his love. He identified with all those who suffer, who weep, who suffer any kind of injustice.”

Thank you Francis.