New Study Attempts to Estimate Future Cancer Cases in WTC First Responders

By Hansen & Rosasco

As we recently discussed, two new reports have added to the scientific and medical consensus that firefighters and other first responders who worked at the World Trade Center site on and after the 9/11 attacks were exposed to unprecedented environmental toxins and, as a result, have increased risks of many types of cancer. Thousands of cases of 9/11-related cancer have already been confirmed in WTC first responders, and those numbers are expected to grow. Now, researchers are attempting to determine just how many more 9/11-related cancer diagnoses among first responders can be expected in the years ahead.

The study, “Estimation of Future Cancer Burden Among Rescue and Recovery Workers Exposed to the World Trade Center Disaster” was published in April in the medical journal JAMA Oncology. The researchers wanted to determine the approximate number of new cancer cases among WTC rescue and recovery workers period of January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2031.

A total of 14,474 WTC-exposed FDNY employees who were cancer-free on January 1, 2012 participated in the study. Researchers concluded that these participants could see an estimated 2960 new cancer cases during this 20-year period. Analyses restricted to white male workers showed greater cancer incidence than would be expected based on New York City rates for this demographic group, corresponding to a significantly elevated number of projected cases.

The analysis also suggests that WTC first responders may have a higher risk of developing prostate cancers, thyroid cancers, and melanoma skin cancers, but fewer lung, colorectal, and kidney cancers.

The report’s authors concluded that this increased cancer risk “underscores the importance of cancer prevention efforts and routine screening in WTC-exposed rescue and recovery workers.

9/11-Related Cancer Screening May Be Available at No Cost Through WTCHP

Such routine cancer screenings, along with medical monitoring and treatment for 9/11 emergency responders and others who have been diagnosed with a covered cancer, may be available at no cost through the World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP). According to the WTCHP, more than 8,000 firefighters, first responders, and other survivors who have been diagnosed with 9/11-related cancers had enrolled in the program through December 31, 2017.

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