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New Link Found Between World Trade Center Dust and 9/11 Prostate Cancer Cases

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The World Trade Center Dust Cloud

Many remember the dark dust cloud that covered New York City after the terrorist attacks of September 11th. For first responders, commuters and anyone who worked in Downtown Manhattan, it was overwhelming as everyone tried to escape the congestion, chaos and fumes.

For viewers far away, it was horrific to see the city skyline covered by this dark cloud. The effects of the World Trade Center dust are still afflicting many others today with various 9/11 cancers and other illnesses. Our VCF lawyers know just how impactful this toxic cloud was for many first responders and other 9/11 victims.

Research Shows Potential Link Between WTC Dust and Prostate Cancer 9/11 Cases

A recent article in NewsMax reported on the findings between the rise in cases of prostate cancer among 9/11 first responders. Years ago, Dr. William Oh, who is Chief of the Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine, met with a first responder who was in his 40’s. The patient showed the beginning signs of prostatitis, which causes inflammation of the prostate.

His painful symptoms began soon after his exposure to the World Trade Center dust. His condition developed into a “high-grade prostate cancer” a few years later, which led Dr. Oh to believe that the prostate cancer and exposure to toxins at the World Trade Center was directly related.

Chronic Inflammation of the Prostate in First Responders

After meeting with this first responder, Dr. Oh continued his study with other first responders who had been exposed to World Trade Center dust, along with rats who had equal exposure rates. This was the first study to examine men, taking into consideration the effects of exposure and the development of prostate cancer. While the researchers can say that inflammation began after exposure to the World Trade Center dust, and that this inflammation could have led to prostate cancer 9/11 cases – as of now, they are unable to prove that this dust caused these cases of prostate cancer directly.

Prostate Cancer 9/11 VCF Payouts and Settlements

The average pain and suffering VCF payout for prostate cancer claims ranges from $200,000-to-$250,000. Surgery, full prostatectomy or incontinence may impact payouts. Payouts can also be higher if the claimant loses significant time from work. The VCF awards for prostate cancer are high because of the profound effect that prostate cancer has on men who suffer from the illness. The quality of life impacts are more extreme and the ability to work and resume regular life activities can be quite difficult at certain stages of the illness.

Every case is different, and consulting with VCF lawyers on your 9/11 claim can help you get the compensation you deserve. Prostate cancer 9/11 cases are all too common in our office – and our top priority is to make sure you are cared for, supported, and compensated for your time at the World Trade Center “Exposure Zone.”

Prostate Cancer and 9/11 Dust and Toxins

As the demand for healthcare and treatment for 9/11 cancer victims increases, research to improve and evolve care options continues. New research shows the possible link between World Trade Center dust and the development of prostate cancer in first responders. These individuals had the most direct contact with the dust, making it more likely for cases to develop with time. However, downtown workers, residents and students were also exposed to the dust and are now being diagnosed with prostate cancer at alarming rates.

The dust that covered the city and the downtown “Exposure Zone” caused chronic inflammation in the prostates of first responders and other 9/11 victims. Research now shows this irritation could have caused the prostate cancer 9/11 cases that are increasing in number to this day.

New Treatment Research for Prostate Cancer 9/11 Cases

The good news is that research and treatment options are constantly evolving. Because of the increasing number of prostate cancer 9/11 cases, researchers are looking into new treatment methods using the genes and genetic pathways amongst patients.

The goal of using “exposure-caused” prostate inflammation is to experiment with clinical trials of anti-inflammatory or “immune-targeted” to improve treatment options for many first responders and 9/11 victims who suffer from prostate cancer.

9/11 Cancer Research

According to Dr. Emanuela Taioli, Director of the Institute for Translational Epidemiology at Mount Sinai, first responders have shown an “overall increase in cancer incidence, and specifically of certain cancer types, such as prostate cancer.” The goal of ongoing research is to understand the rise in 9/11 cancer cases and what is causing them, so that medical experts can prevent future increases in these illnesses.

Get Your 9/11 Claim Started with Our 9/11 Attorneys

Relying on the 9/11 Fund attorneys at Turley Hansen & Rosasco, LLP will give you the time to take care of your health. We will work to obtain the highest VCF payout you deserve, while you take the needed time to get treatment and go about your life. If you have any questions about VCF payouts or settlements, prostate cancer 9/11 claims, our 9/11 Fund attorneys, or the VCF claim process, contact our office today.

We will guide you and support you through every step of this process.

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