How long does it take to receive an award from the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund?

By Hansen & Rosasco

Currently, the time that it takes to receive an award of compensation from the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) ranges from three months to three years.

As a general matter, the more complicated the claim, the longer that the VCF takes to issue an award. So, for example, if a claim is properly prepared and submitted to the VCF for compensation seeking only non-economic loss/pain and suffering, then the VCF typically makes a decision and an award more quickly than if the claim also involves large losses for economic benefits such as lost earnings, loss of benefits and pension benefits, and many other economic losses that the VCF may award.

The time that the VCF takes to make an award also depends on whether the claim that is submitted, both the eligibility and compensation part of the claim, is thoroughly and properly prepared.

If a VCF application form or other required document is missing (or a proper box is not initialed), or the documents and records sent to the VCF are somehow incorrect, the claim is oftentimes denied by the VCF.

For example, as of September 2016, the VCF denied 5,720 claims finding that the claimants were “not eligible” to receive compensation for 9/11 claimed injuries. In many cases, the claims are denied because they were not supported by all of the require documents, or simply not properly prepared.

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