There are multiple elements that go onto the calculation of a Zadroga Act compensation award. This is because the losses suffered by 9/11 victims and responders impact every aspect of their lives and those of their families. At Turley, Hansen & Rosasco, LLP, we work tirelessly to get those who have suffered because of the 9/11 attacks the maximum amount of compensation available to help them recover and move forward. Part of that compensation can be for “household replacement services” which become necessary as a result of a 9/11-related illness of injury. But what are such services and how is that aspect of compensation calculated?

Aspects of Compensation Under the Zadroga Act

In the simplest terms, an award of compensation from the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) is made up of this calculation:

Economic Losses +

Non-Economic Losses (such as pain and suffering) –

Collateral Source Payments (e.g., Social Security, workers’ comp., life insurance) =

VCF Award Amount

Many times, “economic losses” are the largest part of a VCF award. As the name implies, these losses are based on the dollars and cents impact that the illness or injuries have had on the victim and his or her family. This includes:

  • Loss of past and future earnings, wages or other employment benefits because of disability or death
  • Medical costs and other out-of-pocket expenses;
  • Replacement services loss.

Compensation Available for Replacement Services

The “replacement services” losses that are part of a victim’s economic losses refer to the costs of obtaining assistance and services to take care of household and other functions of daily life that the VCF claimant can no longer perform due to their disability or death. These services can include:

  • Home maintenance
  • Home repairs
  • Housekeeping
  • Child care
  • Cooking
  • Shopping
  • Outdoor chores

Given the varying lifestyles, living arrangements, and circumstances of the tens of thousands of VCF claimants, replacement services claims are considered on a case-by-case basis and the amounts awarded can differ significantly from claimant to claimant.

VCF awards for economic losses are not made on speculation or general estimates. Your claim will be evaluated based on its strength and completeness and whether it provides the fund with the information necessary to make an informed and fully-supported award.

As with all aspects of a 9/11 victim compensation claim, a claim for household replacement services losses must be supported by sufficient supporting documentation and information. This should include invoices or receipts showing specific services rendered and payments made to date. For future replacement services, estimates or quotes for future services should be obtained and submitted with the claim.

Turley, Hansen & Rosasco has assisted thousands of 9/11 victims and responders with their compensation claims, working with them to submit the strongest possible claims in order to maximize both their economic and non-economic losses.

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