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Children of 9/11 Firefighters Honoring Their Fathers

By Hansen & Rosasco

On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, a very special graduation ceremony took place. It was a ceremony that will forever be memorable because along with accomplishing their dreams, some of these graduates were honoring their fathers, who either died as 9/11 firefighters or have since succumbed to cancer or a related illness because of their service on that day. Here’s to the graduating class of the FDNY Fire Academy.

As reported in the New York Post, there were 301 graduates from the Fire Academy – 12 of whom are sons, and one daughter – of fallen 9/11 firefighters. This 2019 class consists of the largest number of graduates who lost their fathers who answered the call on September 11, 2001. What is also noteworthy is the inclusion of two sets of siblings in this graduation class:

  • The Ragaglia brothers – Leonard Jr. and Anthony – are the sons of Leonard, who was a 9/11 firefighter with Engine 54 in Manhattan.
  • Brother and sister, Marc and Rebecca Asaro – whose father, Carl, spent 14 years at Ladder 4 in Midtown. They are in fact joining their older firefighter brothers, Carl Sr. and Matthew.

These FDNY graduates are continuing the legacy of their fathers and keeping their memories alive by stepping up to serve and protect, alongside the other brave graduates of this class. Anthony Ragaglia admitted that having graduated as a firefighter “hit more home” and feels he and his brother are honoring their father. In an interview with CBS Evening News, Rebecca Asaro says she feels her father is with her, each step of the way, and that becoming a firefighter brings him closer to her.

All of these graduates sadly witnessed, at a very young age, the risk and the price a firefighter may have to pay in carrying out his or her duty. Their fathers had given the ultimate sacrifice as 9/11 firefighters, and even after experiencing such devastating losses, these young people decided to walk in these same steps to serve the country in the FDNY. Realizing the risks, but still choosing to follow in their fathers’ footsteps, is already a testament to their sense of bravery and honor. As Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro stated at the graduation ceremony:

“Today, these 21 legacies are no longer children. Today, they’ve fully achieved their dreams. They’re honoring now their loved ones. They’re continuing their family’s ­legacy of service.”

The legal team of Turley Hansen & Rosasco, LLP have represented many NYC firefighters, and their families, in their claims for compensation under the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund and in the pursuit of medical care through the World Trade Center Health Program. If you are a firefighter who was exposed to the toxins at Ground Zero, contact us today at 1-855-201-3630. A member of our firm is ready to answer all of your questions. Together, we can help you get the compensation and healthcare you deserve.

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