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9/11 Respiratory Diseases Due to Toxic Dust and Fumes 

By Troy Rosasco

If you were at Ground Zero or in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001, worked at the site or downtown Manhattan in the weeks following, or lived or attended school in the affected area and have suffered a respiratory condition as a result of your exposure to toxic dust and fumes in the air around […]

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COVID-19 Puts 9/11 Community at Heightened Risk for Severe Life-Threatening Illness

By Hansen & Rosasco

COVID-19 coronavirus deaths in New York have now passed 14,000 as of April 20, 2020. This horrific number is more than the deaths on 9/11 itself and 9/11-related deaths to date – combined. It is likely that COVID-19 deaths will permanently eclipse 9/11 deaths to date and future related deaths. This is yet another tragedy […]

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9/11 Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Screening Through the WTC Health Program

By Hansen & Rosasco

9/11 Lung Cancer screening is available through the World Trade Center Health Program for first responders, lower Manhattan residents and lower Manhattan workers. This also includes screening for the numerous kinds of cancers that researchers have linked to exposure to the toxic cloud of dust and debris that lingered over and around Ground Zero after […]

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