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I’ve Been Denied Disability or Worker’s Comp Benefits for My 9/11-Related Condition. Can Turley Hansen Help Me?

February 28, 2018

By Turley, Hansen & Rosasco on 9/11 Victim Compensation

Since shortly after the Twin Towers fell, Turley Hansen & Rosasco has been fighting on behalf of 9/11 victims, first responders, recovery workers, and their families to get them the resources they need to recover. We continue to do so every single day. Often, this involves helping individuals and families with 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) claims. The VCF was established to provide compensation for losses related to physical illnesses and conditions caused by 9/11. But the VCF is not the only potential source of compensation for 9/11-related illnesses. The conditions caused by 9/11 exposure can and do impede victims’… READ ARTICLE

New Study Finds That 9/11 Firefighters and First Responders with Sarcoidosis Are at Higher Risk for Extrathoracic Disease

February 21, 2018

By Turley, Hansen & Rosasco on 9/11 Victim Compensation

As the years have passed since that horrible day the World Trade Center was brought down, researchers keep learning more about the long-term health consequences to firefighters and first responders related to the inhalation of toxic dust and other hazardous materials at and around Ground Zero. A recent example is a study published in the medical journal Chest which found a high incidence of extrathoracic disease in World Trade Center firefighters and rescue workers who developed sarcoidosis after 9/11. What is Sarcoidosis? The recent study is a follow up to a previous report which documented the link between 9/11 exposure… READ ARTICLE