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Daily News Joins Chorus of Voices Urging Federal Agencies and NY Pension Boards to Get Their Acts Together for 9/11 Victims

January 31, 2018

By Turley, Hansen & Rosasco on 9/11 Victim Compensation

On the heels of an increasing number of stories about 9/11 victims being denied compensation, benefits, or care for conditions that have already been certified as 9/11-related, the New York Daily News published an editorial urging certain federal agencies and New York City pension authorities to clear roadblocks which they have placed in the way of victims. The editorial asked two specific questions: “Why is the federal labor department at odds with the rest of the U.S. government and universal opinion of the medical and scientific community in recognizing that the airborne toxins released in the destruction of the World… READ ARTICLE

First Responders Still Fighting Battles to Get 9/11 Victim Compensation, Care, and Benefits

January 19, 2018

By Turley, Hansen & Rosasco on 9/11 Victim Compensation

It has been more than 16 years since the September 11th attacks. One would like to think that the brave first responders and recovery workers who performed so heroically in the hours, days, and months after 9/11 would no longer have to struggle to get the 9/11 victim compensation, care, and benefits they so desperately need to address the many illnesses and health problems they continue to suffer from. Sadly, too many survivors and their families continue to face unjustifiable bureaucratic hurdles which only make an already difficult situation even worse. At Turley Hansen & Rosasco, we have been writing… READ ARTICLE