9/11 Cancers

Hansen & Rosasco - 9/11 Cancer Claim

WTC Related Cancer takes life of yet another 9/11 First Responder

By Hansen & Rosasco

Stelmok passed away on December 29, 2014, losing his five-year battle with cancer, an unfortuanete common deadly ailment that has plagued many first responders who were exposed to the toxins and debris that permeated the air. Cancer truly was his greatest challenge, having been diagnosed, battling and winning colon cancer, liver cancer and brain cancer. A little more than a year ago, Stelmok was diagnosed with lung cancer for the second time. It was determined by doctors that the contaminants at Ground Zero were the cause of all his cancer diagnoses. Even during his battle with cancer over the years, he still remained heroically on the force until 2013.

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