17 Years Later, Remains of 9/11 Victims Continue to Be Identified

By Hansen & Rosasco

17 years have passed since the horrific events of September 11th, 2001. For those who lost loved ones in and around the Twin Towers that day, the passage of time doesn’t diminish the pain and loss that followed that terrible day. However, some families have experienced some measure of closure because of the hard work of forensic scientists who continue to search for and identify the remains of victims of the attacks.

The New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has been working since shortly after 9/11 to put names to the unidentified remains found at and near Ground Zero. It is an intense, often frustrating effort. But those who do this important work understand what it means to those families who may finally be able to find some peace each time they accomplish their mission and advise a family that their loved one’s remains have been found.

This past August, the city announced that its examiners had identified the remains of Scott Michael Johnson, a 26-year-old securities analyst who was working on the 89th floor of the south tower when the second plane hit. Of the 2,753 people who lost their lives at Ground Zero, Johnson was the 1,642nd person whose remains have been identified.

Notwithstanding countless and ceaseless hours, days, and weeks of work, the identification of Johnson’s remains was the first such announcement the medical examiner’s office had made in almost a year. Before that, the office had not confirmed the identity of any remains since 2015. 

The slow pace of this work is due in part to the challenges of sifting through and connecting remains with victims. The medical examiner’s office has analyzed 22,000 remains to make the identifications it has to date. These remains are held in a 2,500-square-foot repository at the 9/​11 Memorial & Museum.

However, advances in technology and DNA extraction may offer the possibility of better progress and the identification of remains at a faster pace than has been the case. For the sake of the families who live with the memories of their loved one every single day but have yet to get the closure that can help them heal, we hope so and applaud the hard work and commitment of the medical examiner’s office.

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