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Daniel J. Hansen

Founding Partner

DANIEL J. HANSEN is one of of Manhattan’s top trial attorneys and a founding partner of Turley, Hansen & Rosasco, LLP.

Dan has over 25 years of experience earned in the trenches of the New York Courts. His fierce advocacy and unrelenting dedication has resulted in over one hundred million dollars in awards for his clients, including many million dollar awards at the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.

In his relentless pursuit of justice for his clients, Dan has taken on and won some of the most difficult cases. He won a record-setting $19.6 million verdict for a construction worker after a month-long civil rights trial (defended by no fewer than three law firms), a $5 million payment during trial for a fruit vendor hit by a bus, fracturing his legs, a $3.85 million trial verdict for a union construction worker injured by a fall from a ladder, a $3.2 million settlement for a construction worker who fell from a scaffold, and a payout of nearly $10 million to a mother and her child in a medical malpractice birth injury case. Few, if any, other individual 9/11 attorneys have his record of trial success.

Dan has applied his formidable trial skills to successfully representing over one thousand victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Dan and his partners at Turley, Hansen & Rosasco, LLP, have obtained millions of dollars in awards for victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, including lower Manhattan area residents and local area workers, construction laborers, electricians, ironworkers, operating engineers, transit workers, sanitation workers, commercial cleaners, Con Ed workers, Verizon workers, NYPD officers, FDNY members, volunteer firefighters, EMTs and ambulance workers, Red Cross volunteers, National Guardsmen, FEMA employess, FBI special agents, and countless other heroes from all over the United States.

Dan has taught and lectured other lawyers, written articles for publication, and made frequent television and radio appearances to advocate for the 9/11 heroes, including on CNN, Fox News, and CBS. Dan is proud of his service of engaging in grassroots community outreach, and he regularly supports other 9/11 victims’ advocates.


  • B.S., University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1988
  • J.D., Hofstra University School of Law, 1992