Proof of Presence in the WTC Exposure Zone

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Providing Documentation You Were in the ” WTC Exposure Zone

In order to be eligible for compensation under the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, you must prove that:

  • You worked in rescue, recovery, and/or cleanup operations in the WTC exposure zone;
  • Lived (resident), worked (regular job), or was a student or had child care/adult day care in the exposure zone;
  • Lived or worked along the route by which WTC debris was transported to the landfills or barges/loading piers;
  • Worked at the Fresh Kills landfill; or
  • Worked in the NYC morgue.
Ground Zero

WTC Exposure Zone

Documents that may help you prove “presence” in the 9/11 WTC exposure zone include:

  • Sworn detailed affidavits from at least two eyewitnesses who can personally attest to your presence in the WTC Exposure zone;
  • Employer records showing employment with an organization that helped with rescue and recovery, cleanup, or debris removal and transportation, and records confirming that you were present in the exposure zone — NYPD log books, pay stubs, WTC site credentials or ID, an official personnel roster or schedule, or other records showing that you volunteered at the site, etc.
  • Documents showing residence in the area, such as utility bills, lease agreements, insurance policies, tax returns;
  • Medical records, work orders, a paid invoice for cleaning and restoring an apartment in the affected area, a building pass, receipts for purchases made in the area;
  • School or day care records confirming enrollment or attendance during the eligibility period.

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The WTC lawyers at Turley Hansen & Rosasco can obtain all the documents you need to prove “presence” in the 9/11 NYC Exposure Zone. We know which documents will help your claim and which documents may hurt, delay, or or result in the denial your claim. Let us help develop the proof you need so you can promptly receive all the full compensation that you deserve. We deal with the government so you can concentrate on your health.