9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Appeals & Amendments

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Our partners regularly appear at formal hearing before hearing officers at the Department of Justice in downtown Manhattan regarding both eligibility issues and to increase compensation awards by either filing an amendment or an appeal.

Our 9/11 attorneys have been representing victims of September 11, 2001 since shortly after the attacks. We are not going anywhere. Turley Hansen will be representing 9/11 cancer victims until the Victim Compensation Fund closes. We have already represented over 1000 claimants before the Victim Compensation Fund and recovered over $100 million for our clients

9/11 Claim Amendments

One of the most import things a 9/11 attorney can do for you is file an amendment if your condition changes or there is new information that affects your claim or VCF award. The lawyers at Turley Hansen office recently took over from another 9/11 law firm the claim of a construction worker. Our client was dissatisfied with his original award obtained by the other law firm, of just $10,000. After speaking with our new client, we quickly recognized that the prior law firm made a drastic mistake in calculating damages for his reduced earnings related to his 9/11 illness. We took over the claim, gathered the necessary medical and work records, prepared and filed a strong legal brief, got in direct contact with the Special Master’s office, with the result the original $10,000 award being raised to $868,000.

Another example of a successful amendment is a case out client received payment for a VCF award for asthma, and was then diagnosed with prostate cancer. After we took the several necessary steps, we then filed an amended claim with the VCF and the victim’s award was increased by $160,000.

If your 9/11 illness worsens or you develop a new 9/11 related condition, our lawyers will amend your claim for additional compensation. For example, if you have a re-occurrence of your 9/11 related cancer that now forces you to stop work, we will amend your original claim for additional loss of earnings damages. We may also file a Social Security disability claim which will help you with bills while you are waiting for a decision on your claim amendment.

If your original award was based upon a respiratory of digestive condition, and now you develop a 9/11 related cancer, we will amend your claim for additional compensation If you had a traumatic injury after the after the attacks or during the clean-up and already received an award, and you now develop a cancer covered by the Zadroga Act, we can amend your claim for additional compensation.

9/11 Claim Appeals

Another important benefit of a 9/11 lawyer is we can prepare and file an appeal if you are not satisfied with your award or how it was calculated. An example of this is one of Turley Hansen’s who was disabled from work due to a 9/11-related condition was already given a large award for economic loss earnings, but the VCF calculated the award by considering the claimant’s past earnings history for several years when our client worked at a reduced or part-time rate because he was sick with 9/11 conditions. We appealed the decision, arguing that it was unfair for the VCF to make an award that was based upon past earnings that were reduced because of the claimant’s 9/11 illnesses prevented him from working full-time. We succeed in the appeal, and the VCF raised the award by over $400,000 to over $1.3 million.