9/11 Compensation for Economic Loss Damages

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If you are suffering from a WTC related cancer which is the result of the toxic dust which descended on the city of New York City after September 11th, you may wonder what level of 9/11 victim compensation you can expect for your “economic loss damages.”

“Economic Losses” are often the largest part of a Victim Compensation Fund award and can result in awards of over one million dollars. Accurately proving economic losses is a complicated process often times requiring the use of an economist or accountant.

What is “economic loss”?

  • Loss of earnings or other benefits related to employment because of disability or death;
  • Past Medical and other out-of-pocket expense loss;
  • Household Replacement services loss ( such as hiring landscapers, housekeepers, etc.).

Economic loss consists of two aspects – prior loss and future loss. Of course every case is different, but if you were disabled and unable to work, or limited in your ability to work due to 9/11-related injuries or illnesses, you will receive an award for lost earnings, both past and future. You may also be eligible for compensation for loss of household services, past and future.

These awards are not made on speculation. Each claimant must submit a properly prepared, fully documented claim for economic losses. The claim must clearly document the value of benefits and pensions in order to ensure full compensation. This is a difficult task and there are many hurdles to overcome and pitfalls to avoid. Depending on a variety of factors, properly documented claims for economic losses can amount to several million dollars.

Getting the Help You Need to Document Your 9/11 Related Economic Loss Damages

Economic losses related to employment will depend on many factors such as age, salary at the time of the terrorist attacks, expected salary for the years following 9/11, expected benefits and expected pensions. This means the economic losses could vary greatly from one victim to another.

Economic losses for lost earnings must be thoroughly prepared and proven by records and documents. There can be a difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars between a VCF economic loss claim that properly prepared and is supported by appropriate records and a claim that is submitted with the simple hope that the VCF will simply figure out and make the correct award.

When submitting claims for economic losses, the attorneys at Turley Hansen submit to the VCF a detailed comprehensive guide to the VCF (typically with many exhibits) to support the maximum award that the claimant deserves.

Turley, Hansen & Rosasco have the resources and experience needed to represent first responders and survivors of 9/11 cancers and maximize their “economic loss damages” award. Call us today at 1-855-982-4636 to discuss your “economic losses” under the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.