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The 9/11 lawyers at Hansen & Rosasco, LLP have dedicated much of their long careers to representing first responders, Downtown workers, residents, and students, before the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. It is these truly blameless individuals — who were told that the air was safe and the water was clean when it was not — who motivate our team of lawyers to make sure that everyone whose life was impacted by breathing asbestos and other toxins in the air after the September 11 attacks gets the maximum 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund payment that is their right by law.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About their Experiences with Hansen & Rosasco, LLP


Hospital EMS Director


Insurance Executive, 61 Broadway


Public Relations Executive, Lower Manhattan


Wife of Telecom Worker, Lower Manhattan


Volunteer Firefighter at the Site


I want to personally thank your paralegal Charlene for her continual help in my mother’s claim for the 911 Victim Compensation Program. My mother passed away in October 2019 and soon afterwards she followed up with me for the next step and gave me enough time to recover from the loss and contacted me periodically to start the claim process all over again. When I am ready for action, unfortunately COVID-19 hits and things are put on hold. She continually follows up with me without pressure.

Yesterday, she patiently guided me through the whole process of obtaining a death certificate with the cause of death list. She holds my hand throughout the whole on-line request and patiently guides me through. Her help is invaluable and I cannot complete the request without her help. I want to let you know my appreciation of all her efforts, her patience, and her professionalism. You have a very good employee who is very cheerful, helpful, and patient.

— C.N., Manhattan

I was very pleased with the legal representation of my 9/11 fund lawyers for my 9/11 colon cancer.

— K.C., New Jersey

Thank you for representing me for my prostate cancer claim. Your entire office is very professional.

— Dennis, Arizona

My 9/11 fund lawyers got me a very large award from the 9/11 Fund. Samantha and Jen in the office were great. Thank you.

— Sal G., NYPD

I am a retired NYPD officer from Staten Island . Unfortunately, I developed a melanoma on my back due to my 9/11 exposures. My 9/11 fund lawyers did all the leg work and I received a very nice award earlier this year. I will be glad to recommend them to other law enforcement officers in the future.

— Thomas M., Staten Island

I responded to 9/11 as a special federal FEMA worker. When FEMA disputed my eligibility by failing to confirm my employment, my 9/11 fund lawyers got my Congressman involved to help cut through the red tape. Both the attorneys and staff were always willing to pick up the phone when I called or emailed. I just got a very generous award from the VCF. Thank you.

— Michael G., Florida

I was a cleaner of downtown offices after 9/11. I was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer this year. I had to have a double mastectomy in June 2016. After I spoke to my 9/11 fund lawyers, they had me in the office within a few days. I am so happy they took this claim filing off my plate so I can continue my treatments. They are very kind.

— M.J., Manhattan

I was a volunteer at Ground Zero for months. I had to move out of the humidity of New York due to my 9/11 breathing problems. One of the attorneys from my 9/11 fund lawyers flew out to California to personally represent me in my Social Security disability claim. We won the claim and this substantially boosted my 9/11 award. I am very grateful for their assistance on both claims.

— Jill C., California

I was the Director of EMT Services for a major NYC teaching hospital on 9/11. I and over 12 ambulances from my hospital responded to the WTC site on 9/11. My 9/11 fund lawyers represented me and many of my co-workers when we got sick. He has sat down with me many times to discuss my claim and I am very happy with the results. He has an open invitation to use my time share any time!

— J.D., Long Island

I have known Troy Rosasco since high school. When I got sick from 9/11 due to my FDNY service, I called my friend Troy. He explained the law and 9/11 fund procedures to me thoroughly, processed my claim promptly and I received my full award last year. I was very pleased with my award. I have no hesitation recommending him to my fellow brothers in the FDNY for their 9/11 claims.

— S.N., Nassau County



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