Extra $800,000 Appeal Award for NYC Police Officer

Increased Initial $10,000 Award to Over $800,000 After Taking Case Over from Another 9/11 Law Firm

Bill was a New York City police officer working on and around the Ground Zero pile for two months after 9/11. He first started having symptoms of the “9/11 cough” in early 2002 but thought it would get better with time away from the pile.

Unfortunately, Bill began having increased breathing and digestive problems and was later diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease (RADS), asthma, sinusitis and Rhinisitus and GERD. Eventually, his symptoms got so bad that he had to retire on a pension from the NYPD.

He initially hired another law firm to pursue his 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund claim. The other law firm did not check to make sure that all his conditions were “certified” by the World Trade Center Health Program. As a result, he was awarded only $10,000 from the Victim Compensation Fund on his claim.

Dissatisfied with this award, he contacted Hansen & Rosasco to discuss a possible appeal. After reviewing the entirety of his claim, we discovered that he had medical evidence of other 9/11 covered medical conditions that had been left out of his initial application. We also discovered that he was not working at all due to worsening 9/11 related conditions.

We quickly explained to Bill the difference between “appealing” his initial award and “amending” his claim for a newly calculated award. We all agreed that he should “amend” his claim with new evidence rather than appeal. In the interim, we also applied for Social Security Disability benefits for Bill based on his 9/11 related conditions. After an initial denial, we won the Social Security Disability claim after appearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Winning the Social Security disability claim allowed us to establish that Bill had substantial “economic damages”. By Hansen & Rosasco spotting errors in the original claim and coordinating the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund claim with the Social Security disability claim (all under one roof), we increased Bill’s initial award from $10,000 to over $800,000!(after proper deductions for his pension and Social Security Disability benefits).

Bill’s story shows the need for 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund clients to choose their attorneys wisely. Be careful not to trust your 9/11 claim to any attorney without many years of experience representing 9/11 responders and victims. The attorneys at Hansen & Rosasco have been representing 9/11 victims for over 15 years since October of 2001. We can also represent you in your Social Security Disability and/or New York State Workers’ Compensation claims “in house”, rather than referring you to another law firm.

Should you have questions about an additional award from the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, please call us.



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