$2,980,984.91 Award for a Downtown Area Professional

$2,980,984.91 for a downtown area professional worker disabled by breast cancer that required multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery. Some of the forgotten heroes of 9/11 were the people who went back to work in the lower Manhattan office buildings, in the stoic effort to get the City and businesses up and going after the attacks.

Many people who worked downtown in 2001 and 2002 don’t connect the symptoms they have today with their exposure to the toxins fifteen years ago on September 11th. Late in 2015, the United States Congressional Budget Office estimated that as many as 400,000 people will be affected by many common 9/11 diseases, including breast and many other cancers–all linked to September 11. This number includes people who lived in the downtown area, and the vast majority of who do not know that their cancer or other illness was caused by the 9/11 dust.

In preparing and submitting the client’s claim for compensation, Hansen & Rosasco supported the client’s claim with proof of her generous employer-provided benefits such as bonuses, flexible time off, her employer’s 401(k) plan with employer contribution, and other fringe benefits. The Victim Compensation Fund recognized the value of not only the lost salary/wages, but also the substancial lifetime value of our client’s fringe benefits. In making the compensation award, the VCF gave a multi-million dollar award for the economic losses including over two decades for past and future lost salary/wages and benefits.

Our client, like many others with a 9/11 cancer or other serious illness, was also unable to perform her usual work in keeping up with her home. We worked closely with our client to assemble proof that, due to her 9/11 illness, she was required to hire a housekeeper and pay for childcare. These necessary expenses, as we documented, resulted in an award for “replacement services” of over $100,000.

In addition to the award for economic losses (lost earnings/benefits/household services), our client was also given the maximum six-figure award for her pain and suffering. The multi-million dollar award has given our client the ability to worry less about her finances, and instead allowed her to continue to focus on her health and her family.

Hansen & Rosasco strongly believes that all available compensation should be pursued for our clients to obtain the maximum recovery available. Our belief and practice and led to many of our clients receiving multi-million dollar tax-free awards.

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