9/11 Prostate Cancer Claims

Prostate Cancer is the Most Common Diagnosis Among Men Who Were Exposed to 9/11 Toxins

Prostate cancer is the most common 9/11 cancer diagnosis among men who were exposed to the toxins at Ground Zero – including first responders as well as Downtown Manhattan residents, workers, and students.

The Zadroga Act lawyers at Hansen & Rosasco, LLP represent hundreds of men with prostate cancer 9/11 claims filed with the Victim Compensation Fund (VCF). 

We won a $1.4 million VCF award for a NYC bus operator suffering from prostate cancer, malignant thymus cancer, and chronic asthma.

VCF Awards

Prostate Cancer 9/11 Claims

Prostate cancer 9/11 claims tend to be among the highest Victim Compensation Fund payouts, ranging from $200,000-$250,000. Having Zadroga Act lawyers represent your case can increase your chances of receiving maximum VCF compensation.


Expansion of Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

While prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, it can often be treated successfully. Research indicates that first responders have a significantly greater risk of getting prostate cancer than the regular population. A recent study from Mount Sinai School of Medicine confirms the strong link between the dust and fumes at the World Trade Center and the diagnosis of prostate cancer. More than two million men in the U.S. are prostate cancer survivors.

The good news is that there are many effective treatments for prostate cancer, including surgical techniques (such as da Vinci robotic assisted surgery), proton beam radiation, high intensity-focused ultrasound (HIFU), hormone therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy (used to boost the body’s immune system to help fight off or destroy cancer cells), and drugs called angiogenesis inhibitors.

Most recently, the first line of the type 2 diabetes drug, Metformin, has been shown to increase survival rates among men with prostate cancer, among other cancers. While it does not seem to stop the initial diagnosis of prostate cancer, it may be an additional treatment to consider after diagnosis. 

Prostate cancer often grows very slowly, so 9/11 first responders and survivors (especially men who are older or have other serious medical conditions) may never need any medical treatment. Instead, their doctors may recommend conservative approaches known as watchful waiting or active surveillance

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Our office won a $980,000 VCF payment for an NYPD inspector suffering from malignant prostate cancer, esophageal reflux (GERD), and obstructive sleep apnea.

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If you are currently suffering from a prostate cancer 9/11 diagnosis or another related cancer or condition, contact our office to start your claim. Victim Compensation Fund payouts are now available to first responders and others who were in Downtown Manhattan – including residents, workers, and students – and are now suffering from various related illnesses.

If you have questions about medical care or an award for prostate cancer 9/11 cases from the Victim Compensation Fund, please call our Zadroga Act lawyers at 800-887-7299 or fill out a contact form here.

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