Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer is Common Among 9/11 Survivors

9/11 Bladder cancer compensation claims are all too common before the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund (VCF). Bladder cancer can be caused by chemical exposure such as the toxic dust and fumes that remained in Lower Manhattan on and after 9/11.

Although bladder cancer is often diagnosed in older individuals with a history of smoking, it is now one of the 9/11 cancer types that have been diagnosed in younger men who were exposed to high levels of industrial toxins at the Ground Zero site and the “NYC Exposure Zone” below Canal Street.

Our WTC lawyers recently won a $2.1 million 9/11 VCF award for a firefighter who suffered from 9/11-related bladder cancer.

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Ground Zero Bladder Cancer Causes

September 11 Bladder Cancer LawyerExposure to certain industrial chemicals, such as some textiles and paint products, has been linked to bladder cancer. Diesel fumes, which are found among heavy equipment operations and trucks, is also a leading cause of bladder cancer.

Because of this, truck drivers and other individuals who were near these materials and equipment at Ground Zero have an increased risk of developing bladder cancer.

When combined, cigarette smoking and Ground Zero exposures can give 9/11 first responders and residents or workers of Downtown Manhattan an especially high risk of bladder cancer.

Bladder Cancer Treatment Options

Depending on the stage of bladder cancer, treatment options for first responders and Downtown Manhattan residents who have been diagnosed can include:

  • Surgery
  • Intravesical therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Immunotherapy

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